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       Cross reference for connector types MS3100 MS3101 MS3102 MS3104 MS3105 MS3106 MS3108  

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5015 Connector Catalog for for Commercial Alternatives to MS3100 MS3100 MS3101 MS3102 MS3104 MS3105 MS3106 MS3108

26482 Catalog for Commercial Alternatives to MS3110 MS3111 MS3112 MS3114 MS3115 MS3116 MS3119 PT00 PT01 PT02 PT04 PT05 PT06 PT07 PT08 KPT00 KPT01 KPT02 KPT06 KPT07 SP00 SP01 SP02 SP04 SP06 SP07 SP08 types

26482 series Threaded CATALOG for for Commercial Alternatives To PC00 PC01 PC02 PC03 PC04 PC05 PC06 PC07 PC08

  97-5015 A; B Style Connector Alternatives to 97-3100A 97-3101A 97-3102A 97-3106A 97-3108A CA3100A/B CA3101A/B CA3102A/B CA3106A/B CA3108A/B equivalents


22992 Series Catalog ordering Commercial Alternatives for MS17343 MS17344 MS17345 MS17346 MS17347 QWL TYPES 10-1070** 10-1071** 10-1072** 10-1073** 10-1074** 10-1076** 10-1077** 10-1079** TYPES

22992 CATALOG FOR COMMERCIAL ALTERNATIVES TO MS90555 MS90556 MS90557 MS90558 MS90563 MS90564 MS90561 MS90562 M39029/48 M39029/49 ORDERING INFO

Ordnance Connector Catalog listing

  VG95234 Commercial Catalog Alternatives for Reverse Bayonet connectors 5015 type protective covers solder and M39029 F80 Type crimp contacts ordering information   






  Manufacturers Cage Code  59TSO


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